Corporate Profile

At Nicera Philippines, we strive to lead in the design, development, manufacture and sales of the industry’s most advanced sensing product and related electronic components. Nicera is presently engaged in the business of ultrasonic sensor manufacturing and trading of related electronic components/products. Certainly, with the employment of technically able and motivated workforce, it would strengthen further its youthful business on new product development. Expectantly, these would expand in the succeeding years. Nicera Philippines is still expanding to cover a wider array of ultrasonic sensor products.


Nicera Philippines Inc. was officially established on March 2001. A Japanese firm that provides products in advanced field in order to provide beneficial and superior end effect of ultrasonic sensor products. The company has successfully established its root and is constantly striving for continuous growth with productivity-leading challenge. Formally, the company has a strong venture backing from Nippon Ceramics Co., Ltd., a Japanese company established in 1975 at Tottorri, Japan.


Nicera operates within the secured area of the Subic Bay Freeport Zone (SBFZ). It is a constantly developing zone driven by its vision to becoming a globally competitive, self-sustaining, and environment-friendly center for industry, commerce and other big investment. Subic Bay, found at the heart of the Philippines, provides a strategic location for our business. Its location being at the heart of Southeast Asian region gives us advantageous access to any key cities in Asia. Generally, Nicera Philippines benefits from the fast accessibility on freight services. The service providers are just a short drive from the company; eventually, providing ease on shipment and scheduling. Through the world-class operation in transshipment of Federal Express and the extensive operation of the Subic International Airport, we could provide and acquire prompt access to shipment and deliveries of products and raw materials. The conversion of Subic Seaport, previous home of the world’s largest US Naval Base outside of US continent, into an excellent transshipment facility will provide optimum efficiency in cargo handling. The wide, extensive and well-paved network of roads provides safe and speedy access to land transport. Nicera enjoys the service of the freeport’s telecommunication system backed up with the technologically advanced equipment that is at par with international standards. This operates using fiber optic cables connecting the zone to other cable communication systems and satellites around the globe. Our organization acquires input to its maximum strength as we operate on the entirely secured, guarded and fenced freeport zone. Historically, Subic Bay hosted the momentous Asia Pacific Economic Conference on November 1996 that concluded as a successful event. Certainly, we give our customers prompt service on deliveries by air, sea and land. Unquestionably, the entire area, coupled with exceptional scenery, rich marine life and overflowing flora and fauna reveals an excellent site providing our organization a total balance in operation, service provision, transportation, security, environmental control and leisure.

NICERA Philippines Inc., with its headquarter in Tottori, Japan, has been a home to some of its ultrasonic transducer products to supply NICERA group’s international customers.

Company History

The company has successfully established its root and is constantly striving for continuous growth with the mission to prove the capability of Filipinos in building a great and lasting company.

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